Q: Do I have to do the 40 Day Love Dare with my partner as a couple, or can I do it on my own?
A: There is no right or wrong way; we would suggest that you do it in whatever manner works best for you and your situation.

Q: Why am I having trouble logging in?
A: There are two different logins on this website. One is the general login that can be found on both the homepage and the MY JOURNAL section. This requires the email address you used to sign up and the password you selected.

The second login is for the MESSAGE BOARD. When you registered, you were asked to create a screen name (can be a nickname, handle, alias, or other anonymous name) for the MESSAGE BOARD. The screen name you created is the username you want to enter when accessing the MESSAGE BOARD. However, the password is the same for both logins.

Keep in mind that you can opt to save your password information so it is not necessary to re-enter your login information each time you visit the website when using the same computer.

Q: Is the information I post in MY JOURNAL confidential?
A: Anything posted in the MY JOURNAL section is completely confidential and totally private. You are the only person who can view this. If you sign up as a couple, then both people would be able to view each other?s journals; there is not a separate login when signing up as a couple.

Q: What is the BLOG section for?
A: The 40 Day Love Dare is based upon the book, The Love Dare, as seen in the movie FIREPROOF. As readers go through the book, you might get stuck or even feel discouraged. This blog allows you to follow a real-life couple who is going through the 40 Day Love Dare in hopes that you might be encouraged and even gain some ideas for your own journey.

Q: What is the MESSAGE BOARD section for?
A: The MESSAGE BOARD allows you to post a question or comment and enter an online discussion that other users can respond to. The 40 Day Love Dare: Day by Day forum breaks down topics by each dare/day. Here you can post what your experiences are for a specific day/dare as well as read what others are doing. The 40 Day Love Dare: Open Topics forum is designed so you can open any new topics or respond to existing topics. The 2 Degree Difference forum offers an additional resource to support you beyond the dares.

Q: What is the MY JOURNAL section for?
A: This is an online journal to record your 40 Day Love Dare journey serving as an alternate. This online journal is totally private and for a couples account, it has been designed so that each person can have their own journal.

Q: What is the STORIES section for?
A: These are personal stories of what others are experiencing in their relationships that they would like to share with other members. We welcome everyone to upload their story but do ask that you try to stay within a reasonable amount of words when submitting your story as we may be unable to post stories that are just too long.

Q: What is the difference between sharing on the STORIES section vs. the MESSAGE BOARD section?
A: The STORIES section is designed for members to share a personal story for all to read. This section is not designed to provide a way for others to respond. If you desire to post a comment or question for others to read and respond to, then be sure to access the MESSAGE BOARD.

Q: What other resources are available on this website?
A: There is a RESOURCES section where you can view and purchase FIREPROOF and The Love Dare products and resources.

Still have questions? You can submit any additional questions or comments you may have to our team by going to the CONTACT section.

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